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tv   430am Newscast  FOX  February 18, 2013 4:30am-5:00am PST

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. a family still grieving following a deadly fire on treasure island, the reason they are now asking the community for help. caltrans is starting to get more riders riding the rail, it is all ahead on the ktvu channel 2 morning news this is ktvu channel 2 morning news. >> good morning, thank you for waking up with us this monday
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morning, february 18th, i am pam cook. >> happy president's day, we should say and it is 4:28 and there are some changes to the weather. >> i would like to say rain but we will get a little bit of rain out of this, it doesn't look like there is much upstream, it is a very weak system and it is going to usher in some cooler clouds, temperatures are in the upper 50s, lower 60s. let's go out and take a look at the traffic, i pardon me for my voice. westbound highway 4 looking good, also the highway looks good if you are driving on 280 and san jose. let's go back to the desk. a deadly chase in san jose. one person was killed after trying to attempt to steal a car, here is more from south
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central. >> it was the driver of that stolen suv at the end of this pursuit. he was driving on east blossom hill road which is what understanding on now, he veered over into oncoming lanes and crashed into this ravine which is right next to a mobile home park. the driver is about 20 years of age, died here at the scene, this accident happened at 11:00 last night. it was a deadly end which started near towers lane and they tried to run over a san jose police officer who had a routine traffic stop with this car. he was coming straight toward him, he was not hurt but that's when this chase began.
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the driver and two passengers to the on and off the driveway before the suspect finally crashed. >> he struck the central median down the ravine at the casa mobile home park. >> there were two other passengers again at the time of this, there was a 16-year-old girl and a 17-year-old girl but nobody was seriously hurt. the drivers' body, they are still waiting for the coroner and they are still waiting for the truck to pull the body up. we are right next to 101 blossom hill road and both directions will remain closed throughout the investigation.
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alex savage ktvu channel 2 morning news. the alameda county sheriff's office said a deputy and sergeant were pursuing a car that failed to stop for them 9:30 last night. a black sheriff's suv avoided him and he lost control and couldn't maneuver to the front of him. >> he slips that car then hit an suv and then hit it on another parked car. >> the deputy and sergeant parked the car and neither appeared to suffer a serious injury. the father of a young girl asked to pay for her funeral. >> last night about 100 people
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attended a vigil, she died early saturday morning during a fire at her father's home in treasure island. five family members made it out of the building but he was trapped on the second floor. >> that was my baby and all i keep thinking about is i heard her cry. >> two firefighters tried to rescue her, carolina's mother said she has 10 other children to help pay for her daughter's funeral. >> they were crashing into a motor boat. they collided about 10 minutes after leaving sol alito. they were travel at a high rate of speed and they will also take a drug test. they are encouraging people
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to ride trains. the chronicle said they will spend more to boost ridership on three amtrak lines in the state. one runs between auburn and or so the -- sarasota. >> she will discuss being held captive, they were released in august 2009 after 240 days in jail. they were arrested while reporting on human trafficking. the women were pardoned after travel to secure their release. we are learning more about how the drinks bay could affect them. they are faking -- making their final bid. if the request is directed
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again, if that happens, oysters are expected to rise since farmers are expected to be responsible for most of their production. they are restoring wetlands around the bay. they are reup row use iting a bill to improve water quality. they have 1,000 wetlands around the bay and now that has dropped to 40,000 acres. >> president barack obama is spending this president's day at a go golf coarse in florida. they will return to washington later today. yesterday he played 18 holes with woods. the two met previously but have
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golf together. banks are closed in observance of the hot day, gold goal transit is on a modified holiday schedule and parking meters will still be enforced. it marks the last big weekend for ski resorts. >> it is nice and sunny and beautiful. >> hundreds of people headed to the mountains on friday and one was busy after christmas which is busiest of the season. while the qualify is forced it is slow. light know could start falling as early as tonight. >> all right, they are really hoping for that. let check in with sal, sal? >> pam, brian, my voice is suspect, but we will get
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through it. right now we are going to the east shore freeway and we want to show you 80 westbound. today is a holiday for a lot of people, it will be nice and light unless are will a are crashes this morning's san francisco, northbound 101 is approaching the 880 split. >> i hope you don't get what i had, sal. >> i hope so too, sal. >> believe me, that was a long hall. i wish we could see we will get some rain tomorrow. tuesday and wednesday i wish there was more mind this something unless something
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changes. the deck is overcast over oakland and san francisco much of the coast, again you can see any system coming down from the north, does not have much going for it. in fact there is some very cold air coming out with this system. increasing do you he is pebble especially in advance of that. mainly cold, thursday looks pretty good and it will be a cool warm sunny we can come paired to last week which is the same. over the weekend, family members visited oscar pistorius behind bars. prosecutor's plan to argue he
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committed premeditated murder. reeva steenkamp was shot four times inside her bathroom door last friday. >> it is a tragic circle of events and we can only give him support at this time. >> meantime a private funeral for reeva steenkamp is planned for tomorrow. her body was if returned to her home town yesterday. they featured a show with the 20-year-old. reeva steenkamp's family was not opposed because reeva steenkamp withinned everybody to see it. mccreed did i died in her home, she shot herself and her dog. there are reports that she was having a tough time dealing with the loss of her boyfriend. mccreeddy is known for her hit
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and her song 10,000 angels. coming up, a warning for angels, headed to a famous destination, why they could be headed there in that country. and for the daytona race this weekend, we will show you who won, we will show you did it is such a major achievement.
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. time now 4:43, venezuela president hugo chavez has returned home and it comes after treatment and surgery for cancer. venezuela president hugo chavez made the announcement on his twitter page, he says he is
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home and will continue treatment. thousands are pressuring president barack obama to take action on climate change. about 5,000 people in san francisco joined tens of thousands in washington d.c. yesterday in what they called the largest rally ever. they are protesting a plan to carry through the keystone pipeline. >> president barack obama if you are serious, it means -- >> now in that state of the union address e-he promise missed to curb climate change but did not work with the company to divest the oil company. president barack obama is just a backup plan incase congress fails to come up with a plan of its own. over the weekend, they
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published a drafted proposal and special lices for an illegal visa which allows them to way for permanent illegal status. congress created the automatic budget cuts but with no agreement in place, 85 billion is set to be cut this year and the pentagon is said to be hit hardest with a $56 billion cut. john mccain believes senator chuck hagel will likely be confirmed a week from today. >> i don't believe he is qualified but i don't believe we should hold up his nomination any folder because it is a reasonable time to have
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questions answered. >> they say they need more time to have questions answered about senator chuck hagel and john mccain believes the vote should go forward. a family is in shock after their teenage daughter was shot. renee mcfarland was shot just hours after heresies' attended -- her sister attended the president's speech. >> every time think about the way my child died, she didn't deserve it. she did not deserve that. >> police say the teen was visiting family in north chicago when she was shot in an alley. a memorial has been set up in the spot where she lost her life. >> they are warning americans to be careful at one of peru's
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most favorite site. they announced peruvian terrorists may have time to be connected to a rebel group known as the shining path. peru began a crackdown against their cocaine operation. >> time now 4:47 we might be expecting lighter traffic on that, let's have more on that with sal castaneda. sal, you can't imitate me now. >> good morning everybody i think we are going to have a lighter day, which is good, it might be nice to watch the news, my voice is taking a holiday, this is 880 westbound as you get out to mcarthur maze, no major problems into the maze and also the morning commute looks good, westbound, not a bad commute, i don't want
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to make it seem like nobody is off, steve and i are here. hello steve. >> steve, yes, sir. >> ly change it is a cold system, but today is that in betweener day. i really done think the temperatures will change too much. already inland on this. but there is a bunch of cold air and the cooling begins today and temperatures will drop right off the table and then really noticeable and then you and i will slowly benefit. mainly to the north bay, low clouds and cooler, 50s and lower 60s, there is that much cold air out of this, late
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tuesday into monday, really they don't look like too much. >> danika patrick made a history of her four-year career patrick posted more than 196 hours during qualifying at the beach and it is right here had sunday morning. >> daniel lee became the first to play in the all-star and lee played foreman 13 minutes finishing with 6 points and two steals. he was part of the western conference team, in the meantime there is a bit of
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controversy surrounding mike montgomery, coming up, we will have exchange with one of his star players, why some say did he it.$♪ coming up, it is 4:49 a warning for uk santa cruz plus it is now on the way. >> what did he love in music that should literally go up in flames. [ crickets chirping ]
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[ traffic passing ] ♪ [ music box: lullaby ] [ man on tv, indistinct ] ♪ [ lullaby continues ] [ baby coos ] [ man announcing ] millions are still exposed to the dangers... of secondhand smoke... and some of them can't do anything about it. ♪ [ continues ] [ gasping ]
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. two weeks ago he began playing his piano on a bluff, and he planned to do this but without a permit he was forced to stop so he burned the piano. >> the burning of the piano, it is challenging to see it go up in smoke. i feel very bad about it. >> he wanted to set the soul of the piano free, any remaining pieces are set to be made in to a sculpture. he was a 35-year-old sheriff's deputy and father of
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two. he was killed while pursuing christopher dorner, the police officer -- former police officer suspected of killing several people. resort owners are ready to put christopher dorner's gruesome death hype them. they want everybody to know big bear is back open for business this president's day weekend. the suspected teen is charged with kidnap rape and murder of allan. the teen was found dead in a park earlier this month. jones is due to appear in court monday. if found guilty, jones could be eligible for the death penalty and he is currently being held without bail. an sister stand with the chp helped him escape the u.s.
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he is what captured over the weekend. now his first is facing charges to help him get out of the country. the assistant's wife and daughter are facing similar charges. the woman facing charges and he has green eyes and dark hair with a mustache and goatee. he smelled like cigarettes and anybody with information is asked to call campus police. sal, what are you being looking at. right now let's go to the bay bridge toll alleged victims do and -- toll plaza and show you,
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it is not a bad commute at all and traffic continues to move a long getting into the city. i think a lot of people have the day off and by the way, a lot of the roadwork we have, crews do have the holiday off and you are looking at a live picture of 101 and that picture is looking very good. some of the things we see on holidays is people getting tagged for speeding. the roads are wide open, chp is still open, you know how it goes, just keep it down. >> we have a little bit of a change in our pattern last week was sunny, quiet warm, there will be some rain tuesday, today is the time we are seeing an increase in that low cloud
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deck. one is extremely cold. increasing low clouds, it will be high cover to the north and to the south. there is not a lot out of this system, snow level by tuesday afternoon could get him lower, this is a moisture starved system but our system is coming right out of the north. a nice sunday has been replaced with increasing clouds and today will be a little bit cooler and it will be much colder on tuesday and we will slowly rebound as we get closer. it is more of a southerly breeze, there is a westerly one, low clouds, fog, cooler
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50s and lows, we bring in a possible system which might clip us thursday i doubt it, then friday partly sunny skies and partly cloudy skies. they are compromising the privacy of those who use g- mail. they are using an automatic scanner and they have adds or destinations and the practice has been accepted for nearly ten ears. city hall is now responding to growing safety concerns in that area. also developing news in san jose, a chase ends in a deadly crash. stay tuned.


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